Current Projects

Jason is Chief Curator and Owner of the Dock Victoria - a centre for social impact that houses do-gooders in a shared office environment.  The vision for the Dock is a collaborative working environment where people can amplify their impact in the world.

Jason is Executive Director of  the Victoria Community Food Hub. Born out of an identified need for better infrastructure to support island food security and unify diverse local groups working on food issues and hunger allieviation, the Food Hub is a vision currently under development. Learn more.

Jason currently administers the Vancouver Island Microloan Fund. This $100,000 revolving loan fund offers zero-interest loans up to $20,000 to growers and processors to increase local food production. The project has leant out over $100,000 to date.   Learn more.







FoundSolutions provides sustainability consulting for non-profits, companies, government institutions, and private individuals. We help people do good things.

Jason Found draws upon his diverse background to deliver solutions that are uniquely suited to your specific needs. Values and mission, financial realties, staff interest and capacity all affect how sustainability goals can be successfully implemented. It’s a balancing act.